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Empowering people living with type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and obesity to improve their health and wellbeing through reassuringly impactful behaviour change.

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The stories speak for themselves

From astounding weight loss to eliminating medications and achieving type 2 diabetes remission (reversal) - our members have done it all.

Achieved Type 2 Remission

"I'm in type 2 diabetes remission after 3 years. I lost 25kg and have never felt better!"


Member since 2017

Achieved Type 2 Remission

"I'm in type 2 diabetes remission after [being diagnosed for] 5 years. I've come off all my diabetes medication!"

Vivian, 72 years old

Member since 2018

Achieved Prediabetes Remission

"I lost over 20kg and am in prediabetes remission"


Member since 2018

Lost 54kg (8.5 stone)

"I had gestational diabetes, and after pregnancy I lost 54kg"


Member since 2018

Stopped Metformin

"Since joining I’ve completely come off my metformin and lost 5 stone"


Member since 2019

Lost 41kg (6st 7lbs)

"I'm the happiest I've been in years"


Member since 2018

Stopped Metformin

"I've lost 12.7kg (2), my blood sugars are normal, my cholesterol has reduced and I've halved my statins. I've also come off metformin - I gave it back to the pharmacy!"


Member since 2018

Lost 20kg (3st 1lbs)

"My HbA1c has dropped from 102mmol/mol (11.5%) to a happy 39mmol/mol (5.7%)"


Member since 2017

Achieved Type 2 Remission

"I dropped 4 dress sizes with the Low Carb Program!"


Member since 2019

Achieved Type 2 Remission

"I'm a vegetarian and lost 13kg (2st) and am in Type 2 Diabetes Remission"


Member since 2019

Lost 25kg (4st)

"My start weight was 16st 8 lbs and now I weigh 12st 9 lbs. I’ve had to buy a new wardrobe!"


Member since 2019

Lost 16kg (2st 8lbs)

"People are commenting on how well I look; my clothes are looking better but mostly the fact that my HbA1c is lower than it has ever been in the last 8 years – this has been the most motivating factor!"


Member since 2020

Highest Orcha-rated Diabetes App

Scoring 92% across user experience, data privacy and clinical assurance.

Peer-reviewed one-year health outcomes

We’re currently conducting a three year study following 1,000 people with type 2 diabetes who enrolled on the platform.

One-year peer-reviewed, published health outcomes demonstrate the platform is effective for glycemic control, weight loss, and reducing hypoglycemic medications.

7.4 kilograms

average weight loss

1.2% / 13mmol/mol

average HbA1c reduction

39% of patients

reduce their HbA1c under type 2 diagnosis threshold

40% of patients

on medication eliminate at least one of them

60% of patients

on insulin reduce the amount they take, or eliminate it completely

1 in 4 patients

put type 2 diabetes into remission

Reduce your spend on medications

Save an average of £117.57 per patient, per year in reduced medication.

An economic analysis of the Low Carb Program shows a cohort of 3,000 NHS patients using the Low Carb Program can save £955,614 in reduced medication and HbA1c over 5 years for the CCG.

Medication cost savings *Economic Impact Evaluation Case Study: Low Carb Program, York Health Economics Consortium

We partnered with Symphony Healthcare Services

Symphony Healthcare Services in Wincanton set an objective to achieve 50 cases of type 2 diabetes remission. Health coaches worked with patients on a weekly basis.

At 3-months, health and engagement outcomes are pioneering with significant body weight loss among participants.

97% enrolment from 71 participants


87% completion from 67 participants


8.1% weight loss

Weight Loss

Sustainable weight loss

At the one-year follow-up, participants who had completed the Low Carb Program achieved a significant average weight loss; the average weight loss from baseline to one year was 7.4kg, or 7% of body weight.

chart of weight loss difference in poorly controlled, moderately controlled and well controlled HbA1c groups over a 1 year period

Lower HbA1c

Members who complete the Low Carb Program significantly reduce HbA1c by an average of 1.2% (13 mmol/mol).

chart of HbA1c difference in poorly controlled, moderately controlled and well controlled HbA1c groups over a 1 year period

Medication reduction

Members experienced significant reduction and elimination of medications from baseline to follow-up.

The estimated saving in medication costs as a result of de-medication is £117.57 per patient, per year.

chart of medication reduction for Insulins, Metformin and other medications amongst Low Carb users

Commission the Low Carb Program

From health systems to private insurers, the Low Carb Program has been empowering patients in the UK through the NHS, Canada, Finland, Mauritius and Ireland.

Contact us to learn more about how you can support your patients to access this award-winning behaviour change platform.