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Meet the Team

Meet the passionate, multi-award-winning team behind the Low Carb Program.

Photo of Charlotte Summers}

Charlotte Summers

Founding Chief of Operations

Photo of Arjun Panesar}

Arjun Panesar

Founding Chief Executive Officer

Photo of David Unwin, MD}

David Unwin, MD

Senior Medical Advisor

Photo of Peter Foley}

Peter Foley

Medical Officer

Photo of Kesar Sadhra}

Kesar Sadhra

Medical Advisor

Photo of Tara Kelly, RD}

Tara Kelly, RD

Registered Dietitian

Photo of Harkrishan Panesar}

Harkrishan Panesar

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of Dominic Otero}

Dominic Otero

Head of Engineering

Photo of Michaela de la Fosse}

Michaela de la Fosse

Operations Manager

Photo of Katie Chuter}

Katie Chuter

Training and Development Manager

Photo of Amar Singh}

Amar Singh


Photo of Vin Mistry}

Vin Mistry


Photo of Joe Smith}

Joe Smith


Photo of Suki Zayer}

Suki Zayer


Photo of Sam McAnespie}

Sam McAnespie


Photo of Deepa Singh}

Deepa Singh


Photo of Shilpa Narkhede}

Shilpa Narkhede


Photo of George Thirlaway}

George Thirlaway

Quality Assurance

Photo of Christos Zikas}

Christos Zikas


Photo of Samantha Moir}

Samantha Moir

Design Lead