Tom lost 20kg following a low carb lifestyle

When Tom MacKeown was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he was told that 50% of his meals needed to consist of carbohydrates.

“It was ridiculous, growing up we’re told by our grandmothers that eating too many potatoes makes us fat. Why don’t we listen to history?”

Tom then discovered Professor Roy Taylor and his work on placing type 2 diabetes into remission. He began to follow his own low carb regime and was eventually able to come off his diabetes medication.

“I discovered the Low Carb Program through, I’ve been following a self-made low carb regime on and off for the past 3 years but now I’m more determined to stick to it”

Alongside coming off his medication, Tom has been able to lose 20kg and has also reduced his blood pressure.

“It is fantastic when you go to the doctor and he comments on your weight loss! And then he looks at the HbA1c and you find that is has reduced from 116mmol/mol (12.8%) to 50mmol/mol (6.7%) without medication.”

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