The support we’ve received on our low carb journeys

Whether it be from a friend, partner or even other members of the Low Carb Program. Having support can help you stay motivated, accountable and increase the chances of reaching your health goals.

Here we asked some of our Low Carb Champions what support they’ve received on their low carb journey.

Graham Hogben

“My wife Sue is very supportive and although she’s doesn’t have diabetes, she’s happy eating what I eat and is even more thrilled to have dropped a dress size!”


Kate Matthews

“My husband is very supportive of the diet. When I started I told him he could make his own meals if he wanted but he said he could do with losing some weight so we eat the same meals. He eats meat so he’ll have that with his meals and he might include a few extra carbs.

My daughter-in-law also does low carb cooking as a result of me and her stepfather being diabetics (both of us now in remission thanks to low carbing) and she likes to make me low carb meals when I visit her.”


Sarah Boud

“My husband joined as support, he’s made it work around him and hasn’t followed it as strict as me as he doesn’t have diabetes, but he’s still seen a difference. He says I’m happier and I look more like when we were dating. We had our anniversary together yesterday which was wonderful and we went for a meal. He’s happy that I’m happy”


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