How to stay low carb abroad

Going on holiday abroad can be a great opportunity to relax, unwind and learn about different cultures. However, some people might worry about whether they can follow a low carb lifestyle in an unfamiliar place.

Here are some suggestions for how you can stay low carb while abroad, wherever you’re travelling to:

Master the menu

Mediterranean cuisine such as Greek or Turkish is well known for complimenting the low carb approach as dishes are based around meat, cheese and vegetables. However even if you’re travelling elsewhere, with a bit of preparation you can still find low carb options. Make a note to learn the words for low carb foods such as meat or cheese so you know what to look out for on the menu. Learning the words for high carb foods such as rice and bread will also be useful for knowing which meals to avoid and even a few helpful phrases such as ‘can I swap the bread for vegetables?’.

Plan your accommodation

Planning your accommodation goes without saying, but when you’re following a low carb lifestyle you might want to take into consideration the catering option a bit more. While some people may prefer a catered option for ease and convenience, self-catered accommodation will allow you greater control over the meals you make, making it much easier to stay on track.

Focus on activities

If the focus of your holiday is usually sampling the local cuisine, you might feel worried about missing out. However, shifting the focus from food and onto exploring local landmarks or attractions can help you make the most of your holiday and limit the desire to go off track.


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