Get off to a sizzling start with these low carb BBQ ideas

There’s nothing better on a hot Summer’s day than inviting friends and family around for a BBQ. While sausages and burgers are the obvious choice, why not use this year to get creative and try out some different recipes?

We’ve put together some meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options you can try, including some suggestions on how you can jazz up the BBQ classics.



Shop bought burgers can often contain binding agents such as flour or breadcrumbs, which can increase the overall carb count. Instead, why not try making your own using lamb or beef mince? Delicious topped with avocado, mozzarella or any other topping of your choice.


Chicken legs and wings are a popular BBQ option, but chicken thighs can also work well. Try them dipped into some mayonnaise, mustard or pesto.


Kebabs are a great way to get inventive with lots of different ingredients. You can use any meat of your choice such as chicken, lamb or pork and pair with vegetables such as red pepper, onion and mushroom.


Fish and Seafood

King Prawns

Marinade king prawns in a mixture of lemon juice, chopped chilli, fresh parsley and crushed garlic before placing onto skewers and barbequing.


A good source of omega-3, wrap a fillet of salmon in kitchen foil, add dill and a few slices of lemon and before barbequing. Alternatively, prepare your own marinade using tamari sauce, lime juice and fresh ginger.




Halloumi can be sliced and barbequed on its own or it can made into kebabs or burgers. Try it paired with mashed avocado and some cherry tomatoes.

Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are another great option and you can get creative with low carb fillings such as quinoa and feta, mozzarella or paneer.




Drizzle an aubergine with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and then barbeque on each side until lightly charred.


Tofu is excellent marinated in tamari sauce, chilli and garlic. Either enjoy on its own as a vegan burger alternative or skewer to make kebabs.


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