“I’ve realised that I don’t need to eat carbs for energy”

When Liz Cox was diagnosed with prediabetes, she started eating what she thought was a ‘healthy’ diet, but she was finding it even harder to control her blood sugar levels.

“It wasn’t that I was eating unhealthily, but I started eating what I thought were good carbs such as quinoa, rice and sweet potato. Then when I went for my yearly blood test, even though I had lost weight I found out that my HbA1c had gone up even more”

Liz started preparing recipes from the Low Carb Program, eating meals such as coconut yoghurt with nuts and berries for breakfast and low carb ‘mac and cheese’ for dinner.

“Since following the Low Carb Program my blood sugars have now returned to normal, I wasn’t looking to lose weight, but I did lose an additional 3kg (6 lbs).

“Alongside seeing results I feel a lot better in myself. I have lots more energy and I’ve realised that I don’t need to eat carbs for energy.”

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