Our top 5 techniques to curb sugar cravings

Whether you’ve just started on your journey, or you’re a low carb expert, it can be frustrating when sugar cravings strike.

Eating sugary foods releases feel-good chemicals in our brain, and it’s normally these feelings we crave when we want sugar.

Knowing how to combat these cravings when they occur can help you to sustain your health results and stick to the low carb way of living.

Here are our top 5 techniques for reducing sugar cravings:

Limit sweeteners

Although sweeteners don’t impact on our insulin or blood sugar levels like normal table sugar, they can maintain our cravings for sweet, sugary foods. If you find that you’re struggling with cravings or are overeating low carb sweet treats, try and limit sweeteners in your diet. You’ll find that after a while your cravings may naturally decrease.

Say no to ‘just one’

Sometimes we might tell ourselves that it’s ok to have ‘just one.’ Whether this be one chocolate, one biscuit or one crisp. This way of thinking generally stems from the mindset of viewing low carb as a diet and a short-term fix. The problem with this is that many of us may find it hard to have ‘just one,’ especially if we struggle from a food addiction. Changing your mindset to see low carb as a lifestyle rather than a diet can help you to stay in control.

Find different ways to treat yourself

Sugary foods are often used as rewards, we might have treated ourselves after meeting a deadline or achieving something in our personal life. Instead of using food as treats, consider other rewards that will give you the same feel-good feeling.

Plan your meals

Take some time at the weekend to plan your meals for the week. If there’s always something on hand to prepare a quick meal, then we’re less likely to head to the shops when we’re feeling hungry and risk buying high carb snacks.

Distract yourself

Cravings come and go and usually don’t last very long, although it can be difficult to think of anything else if we’re bored or have nothing to do. If you distract yourself when you experience a craving, you might find they disappear quicker than you think. Some good options might be to try and work through your to-do list or putting on an interesting TV programme or podcast.


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