How Mandy gained control with the help of daughter Emma

Mandy Horsley, 60, lives in Wickford, Essex with her husband. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2014 following gall bladder surgery, which sadly ended up damaging her pancreas. Having previously worked as a Healthcare Counsellor, predominantly in end of life care, Mandy almost felt prepared for type 2 diabetes to be her death sentence.

Together with her 37-year old daughter Emma’s pharmacist knowledge, wisdom and support they managed to change Mandy’s focus to one of living with diabetes rather than dying from it.

Emma extensively researched diabetes and found the Low Carb Program on She introduced her mother to it and acted as a voice of reason, helping Mandy realise that she could live with type 2 diabetes.

Emma and Mandy both love to bake so they found ways to tweak some of their favourite recipes to suit the diet. They did this using ingredients such as coconut oil and almond flour. Emma has baked special low carb cakes on Mandy’s birthdays, this means a lot to Mandy as the year she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she didn’t get to have a cake.

It is safe to say that Emma has been Mandy’s rock through her diabetes and their special mother daughter bond has turned it into something positive for everyone.

You can watch our interview with Mandy to learn more about her story when you join the Low Carb Program. 

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