Low Carb Program to provide even more patient choice

On the anniversary of our launch 4 years ago, we are pleased to announce that the Low Carb Program will be empowering people with even more choice.

From January, people will be able to choose the nutritional approach they wish to follow to help them achieve their health goals. People will be able to choose from:

  • Low carbohydrate
  • Ketogenic
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Balanced approach
  • Time-restricted eating

All nutritional programs are fully tailored to the health, cultural and dietary preferences of users, and supported by a searchable library of over 1,500 recipes. Healthcare professionals (HCPs) will be able to access a bespoke decision-making matrix to support the selection of the most appropriate nutritional approach for their patients.

HCPs can enquire for more information at https://www.lowcarbprogram.com/nhs/.


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