“Low carb has become part of my lifestyle”

Through having family members with type 2 diabetes, Patrick Wambuki knew he had to change his lifestyle when he was diagnosed.

“I was managing to control my blood sugars up until 2010/2011 but from then I was struggling to keep the blood sugar under control. My doctor told me that I needed to go on medication, which I didn’t want to do.”

Patrick knew there had been cases of people placing their type 2 diabetes into remission, but it was unclear how they had achieved this. In 2016, he found out about the low carb diet and has since managed to reduce his HbA1c to within normal levels.

“I started in June 2017 and within the first 3 months my blood sugars had reduced from 86 mmol/mol (10%) to 7.1%, then in by September 2018 they were down to 20 mmol/mol (4%). It’s helped me to keep my weight down, I started at 78kg (12st 3lbs)…in September 2018 I weighed 69kg (10st 12lbs).”

Patrick is now supporting his family members to adopt a low carb lifestyle and many have been able to reduce their insulin dosage as a result.

“It’s become part of my lifestyle.”

Patrick is one of our Low Carb Champions, discover how low carb can benefit your health when you join the Low Carb Program.

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