“I learned I could do something about it – so I did”

Debra Clark, 61, from Uxbridge was diagnosed with cancer (pelvic sarcoma) and type 2 diabetes in February 2017. For the next 5 years, Debra has to go for six monthly checks for the cancer before being given the all clear.

On diagnosis for type 2 diabetes she was put on a statin and metformin 500mg twice daily but given no information or guidance at all. She then went on to spend the next year fighting the cancer and going in and out of hospital.

Debra figured there was nothing she could have really done about the cancer, but was determined to do all she could to turn her diabetes around. In February 2018 she joined the Diabetes.co.uk forum and Low Carb Program. Debra feels the advice and support on there has changed her life.

Going low carb helped Debra take back control and within 4 months her HbA1c had reduced to within normal levels.

“I figured that having cancer was just down to bad luck – there really wasn’t much I could do or could have done about it. Type 2 diabetes however, I learned I could do something about it – so I did.”

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