Jump on the band wagon – your 10-minute resistance band workout

Resistance band workouts are great for all abilities to help improve strength, stability and mobility, from the comfort of your own home. Resistance bands are inexpensive and can be bought online, from most sports shops or even larger supermarkets.

Thinner bands are easier to stretch and therefore offer less resistance when compared to thicker bands. For beginners, try starting with thinner bands and progress to thicker ones as your strength improves.

We’ve put together a short whole-body resistance band workout for you to try. For beginners, aiming to perform 2 of these strength-based sessions per week is a great place to start. As you get stronger and start to find the exercises easier, changing to a thicker band and performing more than one round of the workout will help you to make improvements further.

So grab a band and have a go!

Chest Press x12

Loop or tie a band around your back and hold it in both hands. Bend your elbows so that the backs of your hands are flat on your chest with the band. Extend at the elbows so that your arms are outstretched in front of you, then return to the starting position. Complete 12 reps.


Single leg press x 10 each leg

Sit in a chair with your back as straight as possible. Hold an end of the resistance band in each hand. Keep one foot flat on the floor and bring the other knee up towards the chest with the band underneath your foot. Keep your arms in a fixed position and press outwards extending the leg until it’s straight. Return back to the starting position and complete 10 reps before swapping over to the other leg.


Bicep curl x 12

Stand on a band with your feet shoulder width apart and hold an end of the band in each hand. Keep your back straight and bend at the elbows bringing your hands up towards your shoulders. Keep the movement slow and controlled as you return to the starting position and repeat for 12 reps. This can also be done with one arm at a time if your band isn’t long enough.


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