John lost 18kg after 1 year of low carb

John Donoher is a biology teacher who lives in North Wales with his wife and two children. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January 2012 after having an emergency appendectomy. Before finding this out initially he suspected there was something wrong in the few months before. He had been having dizzy spells in the afternoons while teaching along with feeling light headed, he would then binge on biscuits and other sugary foods when he got home to get rid of the feeling.

When John was diagnosed, his doctor told him to cut down on sugar, reduce fat levels and to include more starchy foods like porridge into his diet. John followed these instructions for the next few years. In January 2016, when John went into the surgery and saw a different locum doctor for the blood test results, he was told about the low carb diet and was asked to try it.

Once John went on the low carb diet, he started losing weight and his monthly HbA1c tests were showing lower results, reducing 58 to 44 mmol/mol (7.5 to 6.2%) in just over 12 months. He also managed to shed an impressive 18kg (2st 11 lbs) and has been able to stay off medication.

John’s advice to anyone starting or thinking about starting the low carb diet is to see a doctor and seek medical advice first, then to try the diet and to reassess medications, hopefully with the chance to come off metformin.


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