Jayne lost 32kg on the Low Carb Program

For Jayne Webber, 54, being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in October 2017 came completely out of the blue. She had no real typical signs or symptoms, apart from being a little overweight.

Jayne was invited to the diabetic clinic and was given the generic advice to increase exercise and eat everything in moderation. For a few months, Jayne followed a calorie-controlled diet and while she was losing weight, she didn’t know what her blood glucose readings were as she was advised not to test.

She then came across Diabetes.co.uk and the Low Carb Program and felt that everything she read about the low carb, high fat diet made sense. She stopped calorie counting and started eating foods low in carbs such as eggs, bacon, cream and butter.

In February 2018, Jayne went back to the clinic. The nurse was beside herself with excitement, eager to tell her how well she’d done and wanting to know how she’d done it. Jayne had lost 12.7kg (2st) and her HbA1c was 45 mmol/mol (6.3%), meaning it was now in the pre-diabetic range.

Now, Jayne is almost 32kg (5st) lighter and her HbA1c is now 38 mmol/mol (5.6%), meaning it is now within normal range. Also, her blood pressure and cholesterol are now the lowest they’ve ever been.

“I am confident I can sustain this new way of ‘living’ as I have enjoyed a foreign holiday and several family celebrations in the past 2-3 months without having to deny myself or inconvenience others. I have discovered new foods and tried things I previously disliked but now absolutely love, so my future is looking good.”

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