“I’ve not been as fit as this since my 30s!”

60-year-old Frances didn’t experience any of the usual signs or symptoms of type 2 diabetes, so it came as a shock when blood tests revealed she had a HbA1c of 108 mmol/mol (12%).

“I started by following the NHS guidelines and quickly realised it wasn’t suiting me. I was testing my blood sugars after being diagnosed and they were still high. I definitely had a runaway appetite.”

Frances began eating a low carb, moderate protein and moderate fat diet, enjoying meals such as frittata with ham and mushrooms for breakfast and chicken salad for lunch.

“I’m doing exercise now that would have given me vapours beforehand! I do something every day, always starting with isometric exercises and then doing something else such as weights and trampolining.”

Through making these changes, Frances has gained control over her blood sugar levels and she’s also gone from a 34 to 28 inch waist.

“I think I would say expect to not get it straight away. it’s like climbing a sandy slope, you do get there eventually.  If you slip down the slope a bit, don’t give up.

“Its been a positive experience, I’ve not been as fit as this since my 30s.”

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