“I think that low carb is the way forward”

After being addicted to drinking a 2-litre bottle of cherry coke per day, 49-year old Yvonne Milton had witnessed her weight creep up to 158kg (25st) and was eventually diagnosed with prediabetes.

For Yvonne, this diagnosis was a wake-up call and she decided to take matters into her own hands, starting with pouring her last bottle of coke down the sink.

It was after watching Dr David Unwin visit a practice in her hometown on the BBC’s ‘The Truth About Carbs,’ that she decided to give low carb a try. Yvonne contacted the practice and was put in touch with a low carb group, she also found out about the Low Carb Program at around the same time.

Yvonne learned that by keeping her carbs low, she could eat foods containing fat and lose weight. She began to prepare meals for herself and her family such as steak with green vegetables and her own low carb ‘KFC.’

Yvonne’s confidence grew while attending the group and she now teaches her own low carb groups, sharing her story with new members to give them hope that they too can change. She’s lost 44kg (7st) to date and her HbA1c is now within normal levels.

“Go in open minded, don’t dwell on what you’ve been taught – if they’ve taken the fat out, they’ve probably replaced it with sugar. Be open to suggestions and look for support…I think that low carb is the way forward”.


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