“I have no concerns about coming off low carb – I know I can stick to it”

Two years ago, we interviewed nurse Gillian Crowe on her switch to a low carb lifestyle after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We recently caught up with Gillian to ask her if she’s continuing to see improvements in her health.

“I’ve maintained my weight loss, which was 30kg (4st 10 lbs), and my blood sugars are still under control – my last HbA1c reading was 40 mmol/mol (5.8%).”

When asked Gillian if she had experienced any blips or slip ups over the years, Gillian said that the diet had been easy to stick to and that she’s even introduced colleagues at work to the lifestyle.

“I do low carb on my own, but I’ve introduced a few people at work to it. One colleague her husband is about to go on insulin, and he’s lost some weight by reducing his carbs.

“I think I look for sugar in products more now, I’ve realised how many hidden carbs there are in certain foods. I also try and make other people more aware about their portion size and hidden carbs that might be in their food”

Gillian hopes to maintain her weight loss, but mentions she has no concerns about coming off low carb, she knows she can stick to it.

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