How to set smart goals for 2020

As we enter a new year (in this case decade!), many of us start to think about the goals we’d like to achieve over the next 365 days and where we would like to see ourselves this time next year.

The SMART goal setting technique is a great method to help build realistic and achievable goals and can help to keep you motivated along the way.

SMART stands for:

Specific – Your goal needs to have a clear focus, it should say what you want to achieve, for example ‘a weight loss of 2 stone’.

Measurable – Your goal needs to be able to be measured so you can see clear progress and check whether you are on track. For example, tracking your weight over a certain time to see any changes.

Action-Orientated – Your goal should be focused around you taking actions, this may be through actively changing your behaviour or lifestyle. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, choosing to follow a healthy meal plan is the action you could take.

Realistic – You need to think honestly about your goal and whether you can see yourself achieving this. For example, a drastic weight loss in a short period of time is unrealistic, however setting smaller goals of losing smaller amounts of weight over a time period may help the goal become realistic and easier to stick with.

Timely – Your goal should have a time frame. This allows you to plan and track your progress. If there is no time frame it is likely you will become unmotivated and fall off track.

As you sit down to set yourself some goals for this year, following the framework above will give you a sense of direction and help to motivate you.

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