“I’m heading towards putting my type 2 diabetes into remission”

Gill Payne was eating what she thought was a healthy diet until she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

“I started on metformin when my blood sugars went up but then I stopped as I was allergic to it. Then I was put on gliclazide, but I didn’t want to as I’d had such a bad reaction to metformin. My diabetes nurse told me to cut down on carbs, sugar and cheese.”

With the help of the Low Carb Program, Gill switched to a low carb lifestyle in October 2016. She started with a HbA1c of 70 mmol/mol (8.6%) and by March 2017, it had reduced to 54 mmol/mol (7.1%), heading towards putting her type 2 diabetes into remission.

“I lost 16kg (2st 7lbs), my chronic fatigue reduced drastically – I used to go to bed for 2 hours every afternoon, now I don’t have to. My chronic pain caused by arthritis has also become more manageable. I also have lots more energy.”

“Being online was great as I can’t get out easily, I can do the program and watch the lessons whenever I’m available, it’s a lot easier for me.

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