“I haven’t felt this good about myself in years”

Roberta Cook, who’s 69 from Australia found out she had prediabetes after speaking to a dietitian and realising something wasn’t quite right.

“My wake-up call and advice have come from the dietitian I requested a referral to.  Without her, I would still be on a road to nowhere and feeling unhappy. I knew something was not right; she was the key to finding out what it was.”

Roberta joined the Low Carb Program with the support of her husband and started to keep a food diary to help her stay on track.

“I have found the Program to be outstanding with lots of information. Above all I have loved the 7-day and 30-day meal plan. For me, they have been the best thing and I will continue to use them from here on in.”

Roberta has managed to lose nearly 10kg (1st 8 lbs). She’s also lowered her cholesterol and reduced her blood sugar readings.

“Go with it, and embrace, the low carb way of life – it has done wonders for this 69-year old.  I haven’t felt so good about myself and my body hasn’t felt as good for many years.”

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