Family GP runs low carb support groups after losing nearly 13kg

Dr Joanne McCormack, 53, is a general practitioner and the named GP for safeguarding children in Warrington, Cheshire. With a family history of type 2 diabetes, Joanne was overweight and pre-diabetic herself. A couple of years ago Joanne decided to embrace a low carb lifestyle and lost 12.7kg (2st) in just 4 months.

Joanne gradually lost weight each week just by adjusting her diet. Instead of cereals and toast for breakfast she replaced this with eggs, berries and yoghurt, a sandwich would be replaced with a healthy, filling salad with plenty of protein such as meat or fish. Supper saw the end of pasta or rice, these were replaced with lots of vegetables and more meat or fish. If she got hungry, the snacks of crisps and chocolate were swapped with olives, hummus or nuts.

Joanne has learned about a new, different way of eating which involved eating real, nutrient dense, unprocessed food. By changing to a low carb diet, giving up the starches and sugars that are found in processed foods, she feels she now leads a happy, healthier life and refers many of her patients with type 2 diabetes to the Low Carb Program.


To learn more about Joanneā€™s low carb journey and her experience of holding low carb support meetings, you can watch her talks from the Public Health Collaboration when you join the Low Carb Program.


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