“Enjoy the journey and look forward to feeling fitter”

After quitting smoking 15 years ago, 68-year-old John Collins found that his weight started to increase and was soon diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

“My doctor didn’t really give me any dietary advice, they don’t have much advice if you have diabetes. Plus, the information is outdated – saying fat is bad for example”

John began to research about type 2 diabetes and came across the Diabetes.co.uk website, which is where he found out about the Low Carb Program.

“I’ve lost 19kg (3st) in total. I weigh around 89kg (14st) now…I went to the doctors for a review 5-6 weeks ago and my medication was reduced, I was getting a lot of aches and pains on metformin”

John believes that the key to success is changing your mindset around food and understanding that a low carb lifestyle can be beneficial if you have type 2 diabetes.

“It’s quite simple, you have to stay focused and if you can, try and get your partner and family involved. Try and have people around you who will support you and not encourage you to give into unhealthy habits. Follow the diet plan, enjoy the journey and look forward to feeling fitter.”


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