“I don’t call it a diet, I call it a way of life”

59 year-old Liz Youngman was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with a HbA1c of 101 mmol/mol (11.4%). Although she came across the Low Carb Program a few years ago, it wasn’t until her nurse suggested she went on insulin that she started to follow it rigidly.

“Since the middle of November, around a year ago, I cut out all bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes (I didn’t eat any sweets or biscuits anyway). My HbA1c after 6 weeks went from 101 to 61 mmol/mol (11.4 to 7.7%). Then a few months later in July, it was down to 40 mmol/mol (5.8%). I was still on medication, but the nurse halved my dosage. I also had lost around 12-13kg (1st 12lbs – 2st) and went from a UK size 16/18 to a size 12/14.”

An avid cook, Liz started adapting recipes and making her own low carb alternatives, such as ‘bread’ rolls made with almond flour and egg. She’s even started collating her favourite Low Carb Program recipes in a file, which she takes on holiday.

“I don’t call it a diet, I call it a way of life. It’s coming up to a year of being on low carb and I have no intention of coming off.”

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