“I didn’t want to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes”

After Lynn Dimmock’s mother-in-law died because of complications from type 2 diabetes, she began to research ways to reduce her risk.

“I started to do my own research on ways to lose weight and I was reading a lot about carbohydrates and especially how they’re linked to diabetes…through this research I found out about both the Low Carb Program and the Fast 800 diet, so I began to do a combination of low carb and low calorie.”

Lynn managed to lose 19kg (2st 13lbs) in total. She was also joined by her husband who was also able to lose weight which helped improve his sleep apnoea. Together they enjoy meals such as homemade ratatouille or satay chicken with salad.

“Firstly, read up on the reasons why you want to try it. You can get caught up in different diets and understanding the benefits can make it easier to embrace…I think you have to also think of it as a lifestyle rather than a diet, otherwise you’ll think of it as a short-term fix and you’ll slip back into your old ways of eating.”


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