Peter Thompson

Type 2 diabetes remission

Peter was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in September 2015. Although he tried several diets to reduce his weight, he found no significant improvements in his weight reduction or blood sugar levels. Peter was determined to come off his medication and began researching different ways to do so. It was at this time that Peter found the Low Carb Program, which unlike other diets promoted long term lifestyle changes. He says his only wish was that he had known this information years ago.

Over the course of six months Peter stopped taking metformin and lost 3.5 stone. Starting with a HbA1c of 77mmol/mol, Peter reduced this to 55 mmol/mol in just three months. Now, after six months of following the program Peter’s HbA1c is lower than ever, at 33mmol/mol. As ironic as it sounds, Peter claims that as a result of developing type 2 diabetes, he is now is fitter and healthier than ever.