Brian lost 45kg following a low carb lifestyle

To support his wife on her weight loss journey, Brian Wiley decided to adopt a low carb lifestyle himself and has seen some incredible results.

“I’d tried a low-calorie diet before and was eating around 1200-1500 kcal per day. I’d also tried Weight Watchers before and low fat, eating lots of lean meat and vegetables. It left me very hungry and wasn’t very sustainable.”

Brian swapped pasta and fried foods for meals such as steak with vegetables and homemade chicken parmesan using ground almonds.

“Over the first year I lost 45kg (7st 2lbs). I notice I don’t get sick as often now and my allergies have gone. My lipid panel is good, my cholesterol has lowered, and I’ve seen a big improvement in my mood.”

Brian’s wife has also felt the benefits from going low carb, losing around 27kg (4st 4lbs) and managing to maintain her weight loss.

“I keep it simple, focus on keeping your carbs low and increasing your fat and protein..if the scales stall, don’t worry and be patient – slow down and give it time to work.”

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