“It’s amazing that you can eat fat and lose weight”

When Mike was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 10 years ago, he was advised to follow the ‘EatWell plate,’ however over the years he was struggling to manage his weight and blood sugar levels.

“I’d been having chest pains about a year ago and I thought it was something wrong with my heart. I had some tests done and it was after that I thought that I should probably lose some weight. My wife knew about low carb after a recommendation and she suggested I try it.”

Initially, Mike experienced sugar cravings while adjusting to his new lifestyle, but after a few weeks found they disappeared as he was starting to experiment with low carb recipes.

“I think how tasty the meals are, this afternoon we had fajitas with chicken and avocado. I’m eating food I’ve never made before. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so well, it’s amazing that you can eat fat and lose weight it’s totally different to what we’ve been told.”

Mike has managed to lose (2st 2 lbs) altogether. He was at risk of taking insulin before going low carb but now he’s managed to come off all his medication.

“Do it! Simple as. Definitely do it if you’re someone with diabetes who’s at risk of complications. I feel that this diet needs to be recommended by doctors so that it doesn’t have to get that bad.”


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