Alison lost 28kg and reversed her diabetic macular oedema

When Alison Morgan was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she was told she needed to eat a healthy, balanced diet to lose weight. However, despite doing everything she thought was ‘right,’ she was still struggling to gain control over her blood sugars.

“It was time to take responsibility for myself and learn more about my body and what was going so badly wrong.”

Alison followed the Low Carb Program along with information about the low carb lifestyle she’d found on the internet. Reducing her carb intake has helped her to lose 28kg (4st 5 lbs), come off insulin and reverse her eye problems, which she had previously been told were ‘irreversible.’

“People with diabetic macular oedema should be told they can reverse it. If it’s a choice between being able to see or not, people would do the Low Carb Program.

“Do keep doing the course lessons, even if it’s not new to you. I found the activity of listening to Louise was good for keeping my motivation up and keeping it top of my mind.”

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