“I did a lot of aerobic exercise, but I was on the borderline for type 2 diabetes”

Rochelle Marsden found out she had prediabetes despite never being overweight and doing a lot of aerobic exercise.

“I had a blood test 17 years ago and my HbA1c was 51 mmol/mol (6.8%), 53 mmol/mol (7%) was the cut off in those days for diabetes – so I was on the borderline.  The cut off these days is 48 mmol/mol (6.5%).”

Having family members with type 2 diabetes, Rochelle had never eaten much sugar. So, when she decided to join the Low Carb Program, she didn’t find the changes difficult to make.

“I often mix into a quiche dish lots of spinach leaves, maybe sliced mushrooms, chopped dried tomatoes and some ready fried onions. I then crack 2 eggs on the top and grated cheese then put in the microwave for 3 mins. After dinner I also have fruit, or I might have a couple of squares of 85-100% dark chocolate

“It’s not difficult.  My main tip is to eat fruit with meals, so it doesn’t raise your blood sugars. Mix your foods and eat fatty foods such as cream with fruit.  Don’t do low fat with a low carb diet.”

Find out more about how low carb can benefit your health when you join the Low Carb Program. 

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