5 top tips for making low carb simple

If you’re new to a low carb lifestyle, learning about what foods you can and can’t eat might seem a little confusing. However, by sticking to the basics and keeping things simple, you can discover how low carb can be both easy and enjoyable.

Replace refined, processed carbs with real food

A good way to start a low carb lifestyle is to cut out refined, processed carbs, such as bread, pasta and biscuits. Replace then with real foods such as vegetables, meat, fish and dairy.

Choose simple recipes

Eating low carb doesn’t mean having to spend lots of time in the kitchen or using expensive ingredients. There are plenty of basic, quick and easy meals to make – good news for those with a busy schedule! Why not try our recipe for a classic guacamole which has only four ingredients and can be ready in only 10 minutes?

Stock up on staples

Stocking up on low carb staples is a great way to ensure there’s always some ingredients on hand to make a quick and easy meal. Some examples can include tinned fish such as tuna, chopped tomatoes or chickpeas.

Stick to water, tea or coffee

Alongside monitoring the carb content of food, its just as important to watch what you’re drinking. Keep it simple by sticking to water, tea or coffee and limiting your intake of fruit juice and sugary drinks. Drinks containing artificial sweeteners are better alternatives, but you may find they maintain your cravings for sugary foods.

Use a digital food tracker

While there’s nothing wrong with using pen and paper, using a digital food tracker such as the food diary on the Low Carb Program can make tracking your carb content a lot easier – helping you to gain better control.


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