3 family-friendly breakfast swaps

Breakfast foods advertised for families can often contain a lot of sugar and additives. Instead, try these simple yet tasty low carb breakfast swaps which will be sure to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Swap: Flavoured Low Fat Yoghurt

For: Full Fat Greek Yoghurt with Berries

Low fat yoghurts, especially if they’re flavoured, can often be high in sugar and carbs. Swapping to a bowl of full fat Greek yoghurt is a great way to limit your family’s sugar intake and they can choose any toppings they like. Try our strawberry cheesecake yoghurt bowl for some inspiration.


Swap: Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

For: Dippy Eggs and Halloumi Fries

Boiled eggs are a staple breakfast food, but instead of pairing them with high carb toast, try serving them with halloumi fries instead. A lower carb take on a classic, family-friendly breakfast.


Swap: Cereal

For: Low Carb Granola

Breakfast cereals are well known for being high in sugar. Switch to making your own homemade granola using a mix of any nuts and seeds of your choice.


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