10 ways to use up leftover vegetables

Whether they’re cooked or uncooked, you needn’t let leftover vegetables go to waste, we’ve put together some suggestions for how you can use leftover vegetables to make delicious meals this week.


Any leftover uncooked vegetables can be used to make a hearty soup, or you could use cooked vegetables as soup toppings. Simply chop any leftover vegetables you have then fry in 1 tbsp. olive oil until crispy.


Leftover vegetables are fantastic in frittatas and you can even get creative and try out different combinations. As long as you have eggs, you can use any vegetables you might have in the fridge or had cooked the night before. Butternut squash and feta and tomato and asparagus are a few of our favourites. Find these recipes and hundreds more when you sign up to the Low Carb Program.

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and squeak is a classic recipe for using up any leftover cooked vegetables. You can use Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and celeriac, broccoli, butternut squash or even shredded cabbage.

Roasted Vegetables

Prepare a side dish of roasted vegetables using any uncooked vegetables you have to hand. Some examples could include courgettes, aubergines, red peppers, cherry tomatoes or red onions.


Switch up your usual salad by replacing the lettuce with leftover kale, spinach or broccoli. Got a spare courgette? Why not make a courgetti salad? Cooked beetroot would also be a delicious addition to any salad.


Make sauces extra nutritious by adding chopped leftover vegetables. This would be a great idea when preparing low carb pasta dishes like our Courgette Lasagne or Veggie Bolognese from the Low Carb Program.


If you’re wondering what to do with that spare head of cauliflower, why not try making it into a pizza for a Friday night fakeaway? Leftover cooked vegetables can also make excellent pizza toppings; roasted tomatoes and red onion are our favourites!


Make veggie quesadillas by replacing the chicken with vegetables such as leftover mushrooms, red peppers and onion. A delicious mid-week treat for the family.

Stir Fries

Stir fries are incredibly versatile. You can include any odd raw vegetable you might have such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage or red peppers, and liven them up with some seasoning.


Warm up on a chilly evening with a hearty vegetable stew. Celeriac, swede, celery or carrots would go perfectly.

What’s your favourite way to use leftover vegetables?

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